One Safe Community Adds Junior Ombudsman Project for Cities

One Safe Community(c) 2015 Civic Normalcy & Ombudsman Program

(Life Skills, Civic, Social Studies, Government and Law)

By W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed.

RATIONALE: Public trust in equitable and highly professional “community policing” in the United States of America has not been more controversial perhaps since the 1950’s for African Americans. Protesters across the nation have been racially diverse and have regularly marched and practicing non-violent and sometimes violent and criminal dissent in the aftermath of civic cases involving the deaths of unarmed men and women during pre-arrest procedures. This state of emergency must have more practical resolutions. There must be more school-based engagements using intensives of Life skills, civics, social studies, political science, police science, government and legal studies used as as means to create constructive researc­h, discussions and new levels of consensus for practical solutions to our complex and widespread public unrest and deep concern about the state of American justice in 2016 and 2017.


Students are expected to be supported by GRADE LEVEL subject area teachers, counselors and specialists. Students are expected to:

  • participate in class discussions, demonstrations, exercises, presentations, and project based activities


Theoretical and Behavioral Approach to Police Engagement

Program Outline

I. Life Skills: Street Law and Traffic Stops (90-minutes)

(Axial Presence Instructional Design (c) 2015 used to study Probable Cause,

Arrest Procedures etc.)

II. Personal Readiness Orientation (180-minutes)

III Crime Maps, Comstat and Community Needs (90-minutes)

IV. Axial Presence Instructional Design (180-minutes)

V. Content Reading, Research, Analysis and Presentations (90-minutes)

VI. Comstat 2.0 and 21stCentury Policing (90-minutes)

VII. Consensus on Justice in America’s Future (90-minutes)

VIII. Safer Community . Info

Research Based Methods

Research Based Method

This statistical research, civics study, role play, mentoring and community galvanizing program will be based on research from the local police and community data, issues, concerns, policies, procedures, laws and information from Police Foundation, Vera Institute and 21st Century Policing

Bio W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed

Axial Presence Instructional Design (c) 2015 model was piloted at Columbia University (NYC) improving student interactivity, engagement and action-research” for final their project with the 2016 Summer High School Program three-week intensive for Sports Management.

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